Interview Prep


We help students who are looking for job or admission in college by guiding them for their interview. We help students to crack their interviews effectively in affable manner. No doubt, final performance is by the student only but we prepare them in such a way that they become confident to crack it in any way.

After preparing them for the interview and analyzing their weaknesses, we discuss individual interviews and groups to change them in our strengths. The whole course takes 15 days to complete.

We provide you a course that demands entry into a college or university in the event of a change in job. The entire course is conducted over a period of 15 days.



  • Preparation of an effective resume.
  • Prepare for convincing answers to be selected as a right candidate.
  • Develop interpersonal communication skills
  • Handling the tricky questions with diplomatic answers
  • Personal Practice Session with the candidate with General and Standard questions
  • Detailed feedback on the interview performance through suitable answers.
  • Tips on Communication, Body Language, Presentation Skills and handling tough questions etc.


Visa interview occurs before final confirmation of student visa approval for most countries including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany and New Zealand. Visa processing is based upon interview. In this way, it is necessary to prepare yourself for the difficult questions of the visa officer.

In visa interview, visa officer can fire on you by asking any type of general unrelated questions. If a person is prepared then he can answer all questions by enjoying this process. If all answers are right and given with confidence then it opens doors of a new region for you.


  • Need to be courteous, friendly and polite throughout the interview.
  • Answers of all questions should be clear and brief. In some cases, rather giving wrong answer ask question again.
  • Be confident during interview. Dont show nervousness during interview.
  • Prepare yourself for any kind of question as they are there to test your skills.